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Hellmet interview

Interessante fotografo dalla Slovacchia, Hellmet unisce temi romantici come l'amore con altri molto più forti...

Non potevo non intervistarlo, ecco a voi la mia intervista esclusiva al fotografo Hellmet:


Q. Hi Hellmet, speak about your art: why did you start photographing and what do you like to photograph to?
A. Hi Jimi, well I always had some ideas in my head that I wanted to present visually, my painting and sculpturing skills are really weak so I choose the photography as my too of expression.

Q. Your shots seems to celebrate bodies and beauty: do you have a ideal of beauty itself?
A. It’s kind of hard question, there is no universal way to define the ideal beauty itself, I think besides the visual part that we are surrounded with those days, has to be something little more,
Small detail that you can’t define, but leaves a great feeling inside you, I call it THAT. 
Could be disturbing for some, but calm and likely for others.


Q. And what you want to communicate with your shots? Do you have a message for your public?
A. My personal projects and shoots are always based on ideas that I try to present to people, to stop for a while and think in this fast global world. Especially some of my older shoots were based on human fear and tides to the traditional view of the world.

Q. Nowadays what's the role and significance of photography? What's the point of shooting to the present day?
A. When we skip the traditional commercial and narcissistic use of the photography, I think it’s the telling the story and for many of the photographers I believe the process of the making photos itself.


Q. Do you work for fashion? What do you think about fashion?
A. No, not really. I don’t think I really understand the fashion, this is the part of the photography that is boring in my eyes, too many tides and no real creative freedom for the photographers. 
It’s more about presenting the product.

Q. Let's speak about art in general: do you have fav artists? Do you have inspiring people in your mind while working?
A. I have only few fav artists such as Gottfried Helnwein and Jenni Tapanila (she is sadly not active past few years) but always takes them as inspiration that st. different and powerful can be created out of the mainstream that is accepted in general.

Hellmet photography 
HellmetJimi Paradise

Q. And what about technology: are we all photographer today?
A. Becoming the photographer is in my opinion lifetime job, technology has nothing to do with it, you can master Photoshop and buy expensive gear, but you can end up doing empty photos that may satisfy your customer, but has nothing to say..

Slovakia based photographer specializing in conceptual and experimental photography. Defined by others as “underline” photographer he is inspired by human pain, fear, foulness and everyday life . Hopeless dreamer and misanthrope.
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